Chico Basin Ranch

  • Colorado Springs
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This is a real working ranch found just outside of Colorado Springs in the eastern plains of Colorado, but with views up to the Colorado Mountains. Here you can experience the life of a cowboy and share the philosophy of ecologically sustainable ranching. Work alongside the ranch hands on daily programs, including such things as moving and feeding livestock, checking fences, leather work and tack repair, and other general ranch duties. The ranch provides a full range of ingredients for breakfast and the clients will have a full kitchen to cook their own breakfast. Lunch meats and deli supplies are provided so that the client can prepare their own sack lunch. The ranch employees live on the ranch, dinners are prepared by staff and shared with the guests in their own personal home on the ranch. This ranch is open all year round, but suggested for programs April to October, as not much is going on the rest of the year.

A vacation on the Chico is like none other. Far from a typical “dude” experience, Chico vacations are rewarding because the intimate atmosphere allows guests to fully immerse themselves in our ranching lifestyle, living and working alongside our ranch crew. With only a handful of guests at a time—usually pairs, but never more than 6—guests are able to learn by becoming actively involved in the day’s work. And because the work that we do is essential to our operation, guests feel a strong sense of contribution at the end of their stay.

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