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Three years ago, we transformed a historical hotel that holds a lot of memories into the unpretentiously luxurious Northern Hotel. The hotel’s interiors are warm, contemporary and accented with a lot of Montana charm. The Northern is much more than just beautiful interiors, our highly trained team will personalize your stay to create lasting memories.

The Northern Hotel’s enduring story began in 1902 when P.B. Moss and Colonel Henry W. Rowley began construction on what was to be the most modern hotel in Montana. The hotel was completed in 1904, and enjoyed over three decades of prosperity, until the fall of 1940 when it burned to the ground in a sudden fire. But like a phoenix from the ashes, the Northern Hotel rose again, more sophisticated and beautiful than ever.

In 2006, the Northern was put up for sale and subsequently purchased in 2009 by the Nelson brothers, Mike and Chris. Through a visionary mission, the brothers brought the Northern back to life and, once again, made it the most modern and luxurious hotel in Montana.

The Northern Hotel has always been the place to meet and greet in Billings. It is and always has been the Hotel to host weddings, receptions, and other important social events in Billings. And because of this, The Northern holds a special place in the hearts of many!

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