Top of the Rock

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As unforgettable as the views are, there’s so much more to experience during your visit. Fun, Eye-opening, inspiring. It all starts the moment you enter the building.

Radiance Wall – Created by Swarovski, “Radiance” is the first of its kind, a breath-taking wall of glass panels, mouth-blown glass, crystal clusters, and fiber-optic lighting. Look closely—is something looking back at you?
Breezeway – Step into a room with a mind of its own. You’ll be assigned a colour, and lights of that colour will follow your every move.

It’s great fun for young and old alike.

Indoor Space
On the 67th floor, relax in comfortable seating and enjoy views in any weather through the floor-to-ceiling windows. You’ll find a Gift Shop here as well as on the 69th floor.

Outdoor Viewing
Use the binoculars to explore the unobstructed views through glass panels on the 67th and 69th floors and in the open air on the 70th floor. On all three levels, you can have your picture taken by a Kodak pro.

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