Bed and Breakfast

America’s standout B&Bs offer so much more than just…beds…and breakfasts! They combine beautiful design with warm hospitality, great food, an inspiring story and stunning locations, from picturesque farm country to the shores of the best beaches in the USA that charms visitors time and time again.

Unlike a hotel; a bed and breakfast is comparable to staying with family or friends you haven’t seen in years. The accommodations are unique with individualised rooms rather than cold, mass produced surroundings. Each room is decorated and influenced to enhance the region in which it resides or the personalities of the hosts. They are an escape-within-an-escape, a home-away-from-home that has a near-unforgettable breakfast prepared for you the minute you get out of bed.

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Resorts and mega-hotels certainly have their perks, but few stays can feel as personal or as cozy as one at a quaint bed-and-breakfast.

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