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New England, the “birthplace” of America, is a favourite holiday spot for UK travellers. Rich with history and outdoor adventure, this region offers six unique states all easily travelled with a wide variety of scenery and attractions: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. Get in touch to book a tailor-made New England holiday.

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New England is a genuine ‘four-season’ destination. Autumn is world-famous for dazzling fall foliage, while winter is a favourite destination for British travellers keen on skiing, boarding, and other fun winter sports. Spring is perfect for quiet touring, and New England summers are renowned for visits to hot, sandy beaches; sailing trips around scenic islands; hiking in the mountains, and dockside lobster dinners.

Spend a few days in the historic city of Boston, Massachusetts, with its fine restaurants, rich history, superb shopping, and fascinating museums. Then head out to a wide choice of scenery – mountains and lakes, beaches and harbours, forests and pastures. Most attractions are only a 3-4 hours drive away!

New England’s appeal goes right across the board. Couples love the romantic country inns and fine restaurants. Families love outdoor activities, such as whale watching, children’s amusement parks, interactive museums, and thrill rides. As for adventure, try hiking and biking in the mountains, sailing aboard a windjammer or riding the rapids. From world-class art museums to some of America’s best shopping, New England has it all.

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Where is New England?

Situated in the east of America, New England comprises of six states including Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. With large coastal plains, rolling hills and worn down peaks alongside numerous rivers, New England is somewhat picturesque and a great place for your trip abroad.