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The Meadowood resort come honestly by their commitment to showcasing Napa Valley’s remarkable people and legendary wines. In 1979 H. William Harlan was searching for land on which to create a wine estate when he was introduced to Meadowood, which had been founded in 1964 as a private country club.

The property wasn’t ideally suited to grape growing, but Mr. Harlan was intrigued and called his partners to share the news of the hidden gem. Within forty-eight hours the partners owned the estate and began planning its future not only as a gathering place for the burgeoning local winegrowing community, but as a luxury destination for discerning travelers from around the world seeking an authentically Napa Valley experience.

Ultimately Mr. Harlan did find the perfect setting on an Oakville hillside and established Harlan Estate. The hillside is now also home to BOND Estates. In 2001 the Meadowood partners acquired the land at the entrance to Meadowood and founded The Napa Valley Reserve, a private club offering its members the opportunity to experience and enjoy the way of life that surrounds a great wine estate. Meadowood’s resort looks forward to sharing their passion for the culture and enjoyment of wine with you.

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