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If you are looking for Louisiana holidays, you have certainly come to the right place. Discover North America have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to local attractions and we can help you to plan the holiday of your dreams. The Inn at Houmas House is just one of the top places you can stay whilst visiting Louisiana.


About Louisiana

Louisiana is the very definition of a cultural melting pot, with the influences of the French, Spanish, African, Caribbean, Creole and Cajun inhabitants of years gone by. The rich depth of this delicious blend can certainly be tasted on the tongue and is a treat to the ears as you dance the night away.

In the grand scheme of things Louisianans love good fresh food, tasty libations and some good ol’ live Jazz or Zydeco as the soundtrack to a good time. There’s a Cajun expression ‘Laissez les bons temps rouler’ or ‘Let the Good Times Roll’, and boy, do the Louisianans live by that! Who are we to argue though? In a recent survey, Louisiana claimed the top 5 spots in the “Happiest Cities in the United States of America” survey, with Lafayette claiming the top spot, so they’re doing something right that’s for sure.

As you travel from north to south in the state, the many and varied influences from city to city will be plain to see, from Shreveport in the north and close to the Texan border, down through Natchitoches and its beautiful quaint cobbled streets and famous meat pies, into Cajun Country with Lake Charles boasting the Creole Nature Trail amongst its many adventures. We then find Lafayette, the Cajun Capital of Louisiana, with an abundance of wonderful fresh seafood cooked with that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ and Baton Rouge, the state capital, offering up the first taste of big city life with the tall State Capitol Building and governmental buildings and amazing nightlife you would expect of any city. Louisiana is famed for its beautiful and opulent Plantation Homes that trace the banks of the Mississippi, each one telling its own story and piece of history, when finally we find a city like no other, ‘The Big Easy’. First and foremost we strongly suggest you end any tour of Louisiana here as the city will embrace and fully immerse the senses, but sleep? Pah, that’s a luxury at this point! New Orleans, with its amazing restaurants, buzzing Jazz clubs (hey, it’s the birthplace of Jazz music and still does it best), fantastically interesting and educational museums and experiences like Mardi Gras World, Audubon Zoo and the National World War II museum, to name but a few of the fun and interesting experiences you will find in this fun & vibrant city.

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